A horrifying leg break of WWE Referee

While he was trying to do his best while the NXT match was going to an end, Tom Castor, a WWE referee has suffered a horrible leg break. The surprising thing is how Tom Castor succeeded to endure until the final pinfall! We cannot even imagine how he felt at those moments!
The truth is, everyone thinks about wrestling as of some sort of entertainment, but it can definitely cause a lot of troubles, especially to referees.
WWE referee actually has a lot of roles, because they need to take care about what happens backstage, what happens in the ring, and they also need to communicate with performers that are in the ring. Besides that, fans are all around the ring and their purpose is to calm everyone down and take care that no one succeeds to get in the ring.
What happened with Tom Castor may be horrifying, but he was just doing his job while trying to calm down some fans around the ring. We can just imagine how the crowd looked like because his leg break was definitely a hard one.
Is this a normal situation for a WWE referee or should someone do something about it?

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