Can Return Of The Jedi reveal us what will happen in The Rise Of Skywalker?

If you have ever wondered if some movies or TV series can actually predict what will happen in the others, know how you are not the only one who has thought about that! We have realized how some actions from the Return Of The Jedi can actually tell us ahead what may happen in The Rise Of Skywalker!
If you don't like spoilers of any kind, you should know how these are just the predictions, and nothing more than that.
So, let's see how some scenes may affect others!

1. Totalitarian regime. Remember when the totalitarian regime has fallen in the Return Of The Jedi? We can predict how that will definitely affect the First Order in The Rise Of Skywalker!

2. That lightsaber... Once a hero got that new lightsaber, we have realized how maybe Rey's lightsaber that was destroyed earlier will get its ''new form'' in The Rise Of Skywalker as well!

3. What happened with that wise old character? Once this character passed away in the Return Of The Jedi, it gave us a though how in The Rise Of Skywalker we will maybe see the same thing happening. Can you guess what character are we talking about here?

Overall, as you see, some things may be very connected.

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