Ever thought about some Futurama scenes that have to be deleted?

When it comes to the TV, it may happen how some scenes are a little bit too much for the audience. Yet, many of those were actually recorded. I want to share the story with you of the Futurama scenes which had to be deleted because those were a little bit too much for the TV.
A quick reminder-we all know Futurama as a successful animated series that already had four seasons on Fox. It all started back in the late 1990s when Matt Groening wanted to share his amazing ideas with the whole world.
After four seasons on Fox, Futurama tried to find its place at the Cartoon Network channel. Once the team gained enough confidence, they didn't hesitate to try some ''new things''.
There are many scenes of Futurama that had to be deleted because those were a little bit too much for the TV. For example, everyone knows how Matt Groening had a very weird humour about adult entertainment. Besides that, there was a scene where they have explained how a whale finally got its taste for humans.
Overall, we think about how the team had a good time recording those scenes. We can imagine them laughing and wondering if someone will actually watch that. What is your opinion?

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