How will Disney+ look like?

Disney is proudly representing Disney+ which is their new streaming service. Their team claims how it will have a little bit less than 20% of all the content Netflix actually has, yet, they want to work on better quality. So, Disney isn't just thinking about creating as much content as possible on Disney+, but they want to become better than everyone else.
Continuing their dominance in the market world doesn't sound surprising at all, and The Mouse House is planning to do that wisely this time.
Now, they want to create the most original content for their new streaming service. Think about their Fox movies and TV shows for a while. For example, they have represented up to 30 seasons of The Simpsons. It is obvious how they want to expand their great work now even better, because a fact that that Netflix has claimed how they will spend more than $15 billion just this year made the Mouse House think even more wisely.
When it comes to Disney+, they to have 16% of content Netflix has. Their main goal is to overcome the amount of money Netflix is planning to spend by the end of 2019.
It doesn't surprise us because new Disney+ content will be worth more than $2.5 billion!

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