Is Chris Benoit's place in a WWE Hall of Fame

We all know Chris Benoit as someone who had a real wrestling career. Many, including Vickie Guerrero, believe how this amazing man deserves to get his own place in a WWE Hall of Fame.
''The Crippler'', as this man is known, was always recognized as a born grappler from Canada and someone who gained his fame in the US back in those early days of ECW. He got the name ''The Crippler'' when he has broken the Sabu's neck.
The elite stable, called Four Horsemen, was a place where Chris Benoit has spent so many years after that. A long run in WCW is definitely what made him go there.
The truth is, not many people believe how Chris Benoit should get his own place in a WWE Hall of Fame because of his last days. For those who didn't know, Chris Benoit has, before killing himself, murdered his own son and a wife.
He was found dead 12 years ago. They have realized how something was wrong because Benoit has missed the 'Vengeance day'.
All in all, many people still believe how he deserves to get his own place in a WWE Hall of Fame, but that is something that has to be discussed a lot these days.

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