Privacy Policy

First things first

We have realized how many users don't know the rules websites use, therefore, our idea was to make things clear and easy. Collecting your data? Yes, we do that, as numerous other websites. Yet, we don't do that with any wrong reason, but to protect you from the spams you may receive. Don't like spams? We neither!
Overall, let's say that you have decided to become an active member on our website and post a comment. What will happen? We will collect your IP address. We don't want you to get frustrated because of so many spams you may receive.

Don't like cookies?

Well, you should! But, why? Because cookies keep you safe. How and in what way? We use some types of cookies you should know about. There are test ones, login cookies, and main ones. Okay, now what? Now, you are protected! We use the test ones to check your browser for cookie acceptance, we use login ones when you log in or out, and we use the main ones which stay in your current browser for a year.

If you start panicking (just kidding), know how you can get all the data you have left on our website back exported to you, at any moment you decide.

Content... Content...

Yes, like every other website, content is our must. You know that, of course, but what you don't know about it? We would like to have all the content on our website coming just from it, but some is really coming originally from some other sources. You need to know how such links may collect some of your data. Worried? No need to. It will be able to see just that info you have created by yourself, about yourself, on your public profile on our website.

Subscribe & unsubscribe easily

The good thing is how we have also thought about informing you in the easiest and most proper way. We will inform you about everything new related to our website once a week through an email.
Unsubscribing can be also done easily by opening that email we use for the subscribed users (check out the ''Do Not Send Again Section''). Done!