Star Trek back in the game

Patrick Stewart has announced how Star Trek series will be soon back on the big screens. In his Picard TV show, he will finally get back the role of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
This is definitely something worth talking about because Patrick Stewart has now for the first time decided to reprise his character. The truth is, we all didn't even think how that will happen because he has made a long break even since Star Trek: Nemesis. Yet, we are sure how Patrick Stewart is well aware of his iconic role.
What will it be about? We are able to see many TV series becoming nostalgic and trying everything in their power to bring us such 'magic' again they had once before. When asked was he nostalgic while making this decision, Stewart claimed how definitely missed 'the adventures in space'.
It all happened last summer when Patrick Stewart officially claimed how Star Trek is back in the game! Stewart surprised everyone with this news and he also claimed how everyone can expect to see him starring in the CBS All Access offering soon.
Overall, I think how the fans of Star Trek are already excited. How do you expect the next series to look like?

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