What are the forgotten Dragon Ball storylines?

Do you remember Dragon Ball? I remember myself watching it before going to school every morning. Did you know how there were many storylines of it that were actually abandoned but could have changed everything?
Dragon Ball manga was created back in 1984 by Akira Toriyama. Since then, and today, it has changed in so many ways. We all remember Goku, the main character, as someone on whom the whole focus was on.
Let's say that some children have now discovered Dragon Ball and want to watch it. Is it easy for them to follow the storyline? Not at all. For example, even the main character was almost changed. At some point, Toriyama wanted to create a new main character called Gohan. If that happened, everything would be different in Dragon Ball.
Some other storylines could have changed Dragon Ball completely as well. Tien Shinan will maybe get in some trouble with Crane Hermit who wants revenge. Vegeta? Remember his past goal for a moment. He wanted to become immortal. What could have happened if he collected all the Dragon Ball and became immortal?
As you see, these are all the ideas and storylines Akira Toriyama didn't make happen. Yet, we are not sure how those won't happen.

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