What did Will Smith say about Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Remember Prince of Bel-Air? I remember it being one of my favorite TV shows. It all started in 1990 and lasted for six years. There were six seasons represented by each year. Will Smith was the main character.
What do we have today? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! It is actually an updated trailer called Bel-Air which represents a young man coming right from West Philadelphia. Remember his relatives he was sent to live with? His mother was feared for his safety and his behaviour and that is exactly why she has sent him to live there. Los Angeles was definitely shown in the best way possible. The life of a working-class family was made to be so real.
Will Smith has seen the updated version of this trailer and claims how he is definitely fascinated by how it looks like. Besides that, Smith has added how it all reminded him of those great days when they were recording Prince of Bel-Air.
He added how those were definitely the best times of his life. That doesn't surprise us because Prince of Bel-Air was (and still is for some people) a very popular TV serial. Besides that, Will Smith was also in his best ages.
Have you watched Prince of Bel-Air?


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