Will Disney own Hulu?

The news that is going on around the world tells us how Comcast is thinking about selling the stake he owns in the streaming service. You can guess how the buyer may actually be the Mouse House!
Owning a Hulu is what Disney expects to happen very soon. It definitely seems like how soon we will have ''the biggest player'' here.
After reading this, you have maybe thought about why hasn't Netflix got such an offer? Probably because Hulu company thinks how Netflix is not a proper owner because of its licensed titles that will soon experience removal. Besides that, Hulu company wanted to take a break and pause their work, but later on, they have realized how Disney even got its streaming service (named Disney+), so they are sure how Hulu will be in the right hands.
Overall, this may affect a lot of channels, but it will definitely bring something completely new on our big screens. How do you expect Hulu to look like after Disney owns it? Will they maybe combine the ideas to get something extraordinary?
Maybe we will be able to see a completely new era of cartoons. We all must admit how Disney always was and now is a winner in this story.

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