Will Santa Clarita Diet be canceled by Netflix?

It definitely seems like how Netflix is trying everything in their power to cut down all the small TV series and shows. Obviously, their main mission is to represent what the audience wants to watch the most. We can all guess how they are now focusing on Marvel superhero shows, for example.
If you like Santa Clarita Diet show, then you, unfortunately, must know how it will be canceled by Netflix. The sad thing is how we were only able to watch three seasons of this amazing show.
The truth is, everyone knows and claims how Santa Clarita Diet was definitely one of the best and most original shows that could be watched on Netflix.
The only conclusion we can make about Netflix's decision is how they want to show more commercial and famous shows to gain more money. Besides that, they literally don't have any targeted audience anymore, but they obviously want their TV program 'to suit everyone'.
When asked why they will cancel Santa Claria Diet, Netflix's team has responded how it all started with a 'zom-com', something the whole world didn't know anything about before Santa Clarita Diet represented it in the show. They are not happy because of the creator of this TV series, Victor Fresco, has represented that on Netflix.

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